Union County, Florida


Welcome to Union County, a region of North Florida known for its rural tranquility, warm community spirit, and the historic town of Lake Butler. Muncy Contracting is dedicated to serving this unique community, offering a comprehensive range of construction services designed to harmonize with Union County's architectural and environmental landscape, especially in Lake Butler.

A Community's Essence: Union County's Rich Heritage
Union County's history is the essence of community, deeply intertwined with the natural beauty and the warmth of Lake Butler, its county seat. The county's heritage dates back to its establishment in 1921, and it continues to celebrate its traditions. We take pride in contributing to the preservation and enhancement of Union County's captivating character.

The Muncy Advantage

In the peaceful landscapes of Union County, building your dream home means immersing yourself in rural tranquility, with Lake Butler at its heart. Our new construction services are thoughtfully designed to complement the serene, small-town charm of this region while ensuring your home is equipped to withstand the elements.

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